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Uplifting lives through sustainable energy

In today’s rapidly changing world, particularly global climate change crisis, exponential technology, and coal crisis. We are facing several problems and intensifying challenges. In order to strengthen financial stability and make the business sustainable, BAFS Group had conducted a growth strategy by diversifying into renewable energy and environmentally friendly business.

BAFS Clean Energy Corporation is accordingly founded for the purpose of uplifting lives through sustainable energy. The word “CLEAN” does not only mention clean energy but also imply to good governance and open-minded culture.

At BAFS Clean, our people are the most valuable asset to the Company. We give value to the well-being of our people and their families. Moreover, we always inspire our people to learn and develop their broad skills and also encourage them to give constructive feedback.

Nowadays, we have invested in operating solar power plants and we will continue to invest in other renewable power businesses in both domestic and international markets. It is our great pleasure to coordinate with all business partners and stakeholders to drive renewable business for better lives in surrounding communities, society, and our planet.

On behalf of BAFS Clean’s people, we would like to thank everyone who supports clean energy. BAFS Clean is committed that we will dedicate to drive renewable and environmentally friendly energy forward. “Not only for a better today, but also the sustainable future for generations and generations to come”