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Core Value

Uplifting lives through sustainable energy


Courage To Do The Right Things

We build the culture of courage – the courage to challenge and do what is right. We are committed to good governance, anti-corruption policy and also embrace constructive feedback.


Lifelong Learning

We promote continuous learning and personalized learning. We explore to do new things and face different challenges in a changing world.


Empathy Toward Others

We build trust and understanding in our people – the understanding of others’ feelings and perspectives because we believe that it is essential to a productive and efficient team.


Always Grateful

We believe that success is not all about us. Everything we do or succeed is indirectly taught and guided by people around us, such as families, universities, strategic partners, and especially our teams.


Nurturing Nature

We are aware of the role of being an organization that causes less negative impact on the environment. We will conduct business to improve the environment and make it a better place for lives.